Monday, April 5, 2010

Transition . . .

I'm back in the United States. I arrived a week ago, returning a month earlier than originally expected. The transition is difficult, in the midst of wide spaces and abundance and nonexistence of checkpoints and machine guns. I feel overwhelmed and unsettled.

I am in Searcy, Arkansas, at the moment where I have been basking in reunions with my family here. I flew into the States on Monday and the following days I enjoyed being with my parents and younger sister; I had been gone a long time! I leave today for Nashville, where I will hear one of my favorite authors and thinkers, Peter Rollins, speak tonight and will spend the week with my brother, speaking in a few classes at Lipscomb about Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately, I will be missing John Caputo speaking in Arkansas!!!!

The last few weeks in the Middle East were extremely busy for me with packing and filming and guests and goodbyes. To the faithful few who peruse this blog, I apologize for my lack of dedication. I have approximately twenty pages of notes for stories in a Microsoft Word document which I hope to develop and craft over the ensuing weeks and months. I have stories I want to share and thoughts I want to explore, for myself and with others. In the possible future, they will find their way here . . .

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  1. Jonathan - welcome back to the US. I look forward to your future blogs from your notes. So sorry I didn't know you were in Nashville. I would have loved to connect. Please let me know the next time you're coming.